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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  September 10, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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game down, but what an impressive win over division rival cincinnati bengals, 44-14. >> that opened with a bang at that as were we find gerry sandusky. the team looked amazing. >> you could not have scripted a stronger start. not just the excitement of starting a season, but monday night so soon after the passing of a man with so much influence on the creation of monday night football. michael phelps ran out of the title with raven's players. >> and joe flateau looked like an early quarterback. >> flacco might have a big contract in front of him. an affirmative vote of forthcoming as they routed the bengals largely behind.
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17-3, he did it twice. >> perfect passes with a touchdown, he was involved as well. with the interception going the other way, the nfl's all-time leader is said to return yardage. with no worries, the attention after words, he and the coach both very happy. >> i don't concern myself with that stuff. we played pretty damn good every week. we are 99 yards, whatever it is. glued bottom line, go up there and played hard.
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>> it is easy for the pundits and the prognosticators, that is what you do. you try to figure it out. joe flacco is a great player. he has been. sure he is, of course he is. >> flacco one yard shy of history tonight. he would have said the new franchise record for the most career 300 yard games, a feat he will have to postpone until next week. >> i have a chance to catch up with the other tight end with a touchdown today. >> a big night of smiles as the ravens open up. >> thank you so much. >> the fans honor them with a
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moment of silence before tonight's's game. >> we love you. >> art pins on their uniforms. he and his wife gave generously to 20 organizations in and around baltimore. $3.5 million gift right now, the performing arts center. >> it was just a good, upright person. dodge the funeral will be held tomorrow morning at the baltimore hebrew congregation. you can see it live at wbal plus. >> police investigating the
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brutal murder of an elderly couple. the bodies discovered in their home at the 800 block this afternoon. >> she has the late breaking details. >> of the deceased couple, they had a reputation as generous neighbors. >> people who described this house as the home of an elderly couple, a place where you can count on friendly conversation. >> and out of state, the officers arrived. >> the body of an adult female
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on the floor in the basement. both persons have a traumatic injuries. >> did not find any signs of injury, wondering if the couple to their killer. >> if they hurt people that you cared about, or do you feel more safe that it is somebody closer to them? believe that't something like that happened. >> please tell us if it is too early to determine a suspect or motive in this case. >> some really good news tonight for the 17-year-old that was shot on the first day of school. he is out of the hospital and back,.
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he has been charged as an adult in the shooting. scheduled for a bail review hearing. the first order of business today, he will play with his dog and watched the raven's-van gogh's game. -- ravens-bengals game. >> other news, wendy rosen has dropped out of her race against republican andy harris after the democratic party says that she voted twice in the 2006 general election. if once in florida and once in maryland. she was running the first congressional district race that includes the eastern shore and parts of baltimore, hartford, and cecil counties. she was registered to vote in both states that they believe is a clear violation of maryland law.
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she also voted back in 2008. he the executive director has called for to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. the governor's office announced the eight-day trip today, o'malley leading a delegation of a elected and civic leaders. o'malley is scheduled to speak of renewable energy conference. he is expected to meet with prime minister netanyahu. >> of the governor was on hand for today's special welcome home ceremony honoring a lesbians and apparel ambience at the downtown in the harbor. the biggest draw was michael phelps, but it did not end when that ceremony was over. the party looks like it is going on there. >> people shouting out to them, michael phelps definitely made
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the rounds including stops at tonight's game and over at the inner harbor. michael phelps said the other olympians serenaded by the high school marching band as they sailed into the inner harbor. once felt stepped off the boat, he was greeted by cheering crowd. >> i am happy to see him. >> i want to say this is the best to be a part of. >> olympics history and pure gold. >> he became the most decorated olympiad after the london olympics. gov. o'malley, mayor stephanie rollins blake and others celebrated his accomplishments and the other olympians.
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we caught up with them at an under armor celebration. >> everything in my career, it hasn't really hit me yet. i have been able to do everything i have ever wanted to do. it is one thing i've always wanted to do. >> the excitement did not stop at the inner harbor. he ran out of the field with the players. he embraced a realist and cheered on the rest of the team. he made a baltimore and -- >> >> i started with a dream and i went for it. nothing is impossible. if you think you can do it and you want to do it, go out there
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and do it. >> celebration over at the inner harbor, he was also honored in south baltimore. wbal tv 11 news. >> with student loans topping at $1 trillion, the question remains, how will college graduates began to fade off? >> it goes after the biggest private loan company around. that investigation ahead. >> the temperatures will hang around for a while.
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>> when you look at it, it is a political, financial, and education problem. >> student loan debt hit the $1 trillion mark. taking on the biggest lender out there and the practice is to collect from a local college graduates. the 24-year-old has long dreamed of being a marine biologist. given the tough job market, she has had to keep on dreaming working at barnes and noble while she hunts for a job in the sciences. her massive student loan has come calling rather aggressively. >> harassing, bullying, constant bombardment. >> she now owns more than $146,000 in loans. the student loan lender sally mae, that is how she was able to attend carolina university.
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>> that will leave the office -- that will be the money. they are acting like loan sharks, coming after you. >> five months after she graduated, she got daily calls to her cell phone. in less than a month, she counted 370 phone calls. as many as 25 and one day before she started blocking the calls. it all coincided with very minimal payments, oftentimes $50. they wanted 1400's month, which nearly equals her salary. >> i understand they want their money and i understand that completely. i am trying to think of what the expression is. you can't get blood from a turnip. >> she may just be a victim of the boom of the project student loan market which started to
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really take off the very year she graduated from high school. the fault rates have spiked significantly. $8 billion. that represents 850,000 individuals do loans >> student that is the elephant in the room. >> we are not sure if we will find jobs. >> it is an intimidating concept. >> i am thinking it will work out close to $100,000 in debt, at least, minimum. >> the both of which he borrowed came from private student loans. private loans are more expensive in the interest rates are not fixed. hers was more than 10%.
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the consumer group -- >> they have to either deal with it in order to push that debt off, they can only do that for so long, or they have to keep paying. >> of the web site of consumer affairs lists similar complaints. they tell the team that in the past, they have verbally offered her reduced interest rates and lower payments. she did not recall that offer coming without caveat and they apologized for any possible confusion. >> in terms of the numerous phone calls, it was an earnest attempt to reach her and held her prevent defaults. she secured a $445 a month
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payment, reduced by about $1,000 in interest rate will down to 1%. o late fees have been waived and the new plan is good for 15 months. she is relieved but offers this advice. >> to do well in high school so you can get scholarships to you don't have to worry about it all. >> sallie mae could not confirm or deny the number of collection calls, but they recommend they do not ignore them. >> here is a look at the nation today, high temperatures and some continuing in full force out west. 100 degrees today in rapid city, s.d.. the great lakes, and northeast,
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even down to the carolinas. the east now getting a break from summer, the west skills will turn away. summertime is going to hold out there and will hold in our nice weather pattern here. 75 degrees today. that is five degrees cooler than the average today. temperatures dropping pretty quickly ha. the wind becoming column. temperatures continue to fall. maybe down to the 40's by morning. the interior sections of the eastern shore are cooling off, too. the skies stay clear and the wind dry overnight. we will do it again tomorrow and again until wednesday and thursday. they will keep the heat out west and keep the storms from moving
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in. 74-79 tomorrow. northerly breezes at 5:00 and 10:00. just a 1-2 ft. chop out of the northeast. the mountains could see some thirties tonight. '70s on wednesday. it will be cool in the morning, but very comfortable in the afternoon the next couple of days. and back into the '80s on thursday. the tropical hurricane season, racing towards newfoundland. the wind at 75 miles an hour. it will cut to the eastern part of newfoundland and had to the north atlantic. we hit the peak of activity as far as hurricane season goes. the no. 10 is climatological leave the most active time of
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the year. right on cue, those storms continued to bubble up. a few clouds on friday at the next train chance holding off until saturday and sunday. >> and the ravens open the season with a stunner and they do it on the national stage. we will do it next in sports. dodge and good evening, tonight 's jackpot is an estimated $600,000. you're winning numbers for monday are 36, 4, 8, 28, 31, and 18. again, that makes 36, 40, 8, 28, 31, and 18.
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>> this is 11 sports. >> where the ravens open of the season with a statement, the most points the ravens have ever scored in a season opener. but last year was a big season opener against divisional opponents. that is a regular season record. >> looking for the fifth straight playoff season, they are off to a good start. this was certainly a game plan that played out to near perfection in front of a sellout crowd. the ravens offense on fire, joe flacco, 42 years -- 52 yards gave ravens a 3-0 lead.
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they would build on that, ray rice a 7-yard touchdown run. flacco extending the lead with boldin. split safeties. 17-3 at that point. >> the bengals would not go away. green-ellis ran the ball very well today. 17-10 was the score at the half. the third quarter, the bengals came out with a field goal. nice to be that call and get it. 24-13, ravens in front. it pretty much was sealed. take six, the nfl's all-time leader with interception return yardage.
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that a 34-13, the final period they missed the entire preseason and seemed ready to go. >> we saw with the offense could do, wondering if that is what we are going to see. we saw that and more. >> we have been laying a foundation for this offense all the way back from last year. we knew our potential and we are finally tapping into that. >> of the touchdown catch, my goodness, what a throwing catch. >> they were playing the house on that play and i tried to get good leverage with my guy. trying to put it up high, where i can get it. >> can i ask you about joe tonight? the control that he has, combined with throwing yet, it was unbelievable?
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>> he only threw it 22 times and that is how efficient he was in the game. he did a great job of managing the team and leaving us, a great way to start. it was not perfect. missing all the training camp is not easy to jump back into the first game on monday night. it will have a lot to work on this we can get better. -- week and get better. >> clearly improvement there, rare rise only had 69 yards but carried the ball 10 times. it adds up to 44 points. >> each of them had two touchdowns. one thing of great interest with the u.s. open, andy murray trying to become the first brit since 1936 to win a grand slam title.
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here we are in fourth. djokovic in blue, and he would not go away. he takes the fourth and we go to a fifth. he rallied, and that return long. he won the gold medal in london and today he wins the united states open. >> one of the more popular people in great britain, since the last royal wedding. he is top of his world. the orioles resume and they will host the tampa bay raise. the only game out of first place, what is shaping up as a magical september. >> he needed it. tonight, regrouping and facing it for tomorrow.
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>> will let you know of the weather looks like the highlight for the raven's tonight.
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>> we have had an unbelievable weather. wednesday, thursday, it looks beautiful. next, a chance of any showers and storms saturday evening. it is tough to see how that works in here. a round of the midlantic. game, it doesn't get a whole lot better. >> you are getting poetic tonight. >> that is all for love and news tonight.
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